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Curry Chicken_edited.jpg

“The food was amazing.”

“Had to sample before we pulled off. Ya bad nah...”

“Too good! Nice authentic flavor, be back next Saturday!”

“Yo,  This curry goat taste like Christmas time! Good...”

“Yo, The food is always on point!”

“OMG, the food was goood! Everyone loved it! Oxtail well seasonsed, just the right consistency of everything... Can we talk about the rice and peas?! Nooo man you can coooook! Fish is nice, everything just right!”

“I’ve been watching you from Jamaica and I had to hit you up when I got to ATL and trust me you did not disappoint. Every dish I ordered was perfect, oxtail seasoned to the bone, the fish reminded me of being on the beach at Hellshire, the steam veg so nice and juicy, trust me I’m locked in Jay. Mannn you can cook!” 

“You gotta come to my new location, I miss your food bad.” 

“Best fried chicken EVER! I've lived in JA, UK & USA!

“Savory and flavorful”

“Very flavorful”

“Lots of flavor” “Not too spicy, just right”

"Can taste the flavor in this ackee” “Buttery”

“Amazing, the right amount of spice”

That’s money!”

"I loved every second of it.”

"Good E-Book"

"Amazing cookbook. Looking forward to trying new recipes"

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