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Navigating Atlanta’s culinary scene, seeking the bold and vibrant flavors of Jamaican food can feel like a never-ending expedition. You move from one restaurant to the next, tasting and sampling in search of the soulful seasonings of the island.


Eating authentic cuisine is a cultural journey. When you’re looking to host private events or cook savory at-home meals, settling for less won’t do.


And with me as your private chef, you won’t have to.

Meet Your Curator of Authentic Jamaican Cuisine with a Sexy Twist

I’m Chef O’Shane, founder of Taste of JAYardStyle. I don’t just cook meals; I create flavor-packed recipes and curate fine-dining experiences featuring vivid colors, bursts of spices, soul-stirring meals and captivating visual presentations.


For me, cooking isn’t just a hobby; it’s my personal expression of love. It helped me build a deep connection with my grandparents in the Jamaican countryside.


Growing up in the Jamaican countryside, the lush land became my playground, and it was there that I uncovered my fascination with food. From hunting wild birds to handpicking fresh vegetables, each experience fueled my love for cooking.

I then began preparing meals as tokens of my love and gratitude for my grandparents. I found a unique way to speak from my heart through each flavor-packed bite – without uttering a single word.


Back then, I learned that food isn’t merely fuel for the body; it nourishes the mind and soul. It’s a creation of memories, a shared experience, and a connection that transcends time and distance.

Dumplings-Beans-Plate-web size.jpg

My earlier career in Jamaica brought me face-to-face with life’s stark realities. Yet, it was in my kitchen where I found peace amidst the chaos. The act of cooking was my escape from stress.


When I relocated to America a few years ago, I found that Atlanta, vibrant and diverse as it is, seemed to lack the taste of food that felt like home to me. It felt like a vital part of my heritage, my connection to my roots, was missing.


This void ignited a new purpose within me: To bring the rich, authentic vibe of Jamaican cuisine to the heart of Atlanta. To fill the gap and, in the process, help others reconnect with their roots or discover a new culinary love.


And that’s how Taste of JAYardStyle came about.

Taste of JAYardStyle – A Loving Nod to My Cultural Roots

Taste of JAYardStyle is a tribute to my Jamaican heritage. When you pronounce “JA,” say it just like an acronym, voicing each letter individually – “J,” “A.” It’s our affectionate abbreviation for Jamaica, the place that cultivated and nurtured my passion for cooking.


“Yard” is a term of endearment used by Jamaicans living abroad when they speak of their homeland. When we say, “I really want to visit “yard,’” we’re expressing how much we miss Jamaica.


Lastly, “Style” is a testament to the essence of genuine Jamaican culture. When we do things “yard style,” we’re doing them in the real, undiluted Jamaican way.


Taste of JAYardStyle is more than a brand name; it’s a promise. It’s my promise to serve up an authentic Jamaican culinary experience that transports you to the heart of our vibrant culture with every bite.


For private events, I serve Jamaican dishes that impress guests with deep flavor, meticulous presentation and impeccable service. And for those looking to add a sexy twist to at-home meals, I deliver recipes made with love that evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection, whether you’re cooking for one or many.


Your search for authentic Jamaican cuisine in Atlanta ends with Taste of JAYardStyle. With me as your sexy cuisine curator, you’re not just getting food but an immersive culinary adventure that fuels your soul and satisfies your senses.

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