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Serving Up Authentic Jamaican Cuisine with a Sexy Twist

A True Taste of Jamaica v3.png

There's Magic in Jamaican Cuisine

Every bite is an adventure drenched in bold and vibrant flavors, sprinkled with love and made with soul-stirring seasonings that wash away your worries and satisfies all your senses. 


But since moving to America a few years back, finding authentic cuisine that feels like home has been so challenging that I decided to bring the richness of our cultural food to you with my new e-cookbook, “A True Taste of Jamaica.” 


My new e-cookbook features a collection of mouth-watering recipes you’ll love, whether you’re preparing a meal for yourself or a group of family and friends.


With “A True Taste of Jamaica,” you’ll have me – Chef O’Shane, the curator of sexy cuisine, helping you prepare some of my favorite meals: 

Brown Stew Beef to comfort your soul and put a smile on your face

Authentic flavorful Sauteed Codfish with vegetables 

Rasta pasta showcasing the true flavors of Jamaica

Fresh, colorful veggies seasoned to perfection 

Comforting, homestyle rice straight from the heart of the islands

Yard style breakfast items that are healthy and hearty

Beef Fully Plated - Overhead Hi Res.png

Soulfully Delicious results every time

And, of course, every recipe features a sexy twist on Jamaican cuisine that my more than 300,000 social media followers love watching me cook online.


If you follow me on social media, you know I keep it simple, laid back and straightforward. I believe in the comfort and serenity of food, and I bring that to this e-cookbook.


See, I know what it’s like to come home from a long day of work, too exhausted to stress over complicated meals. I was there – the kitchen was my peace amidst the chaos.


That’s the philosophy behind “A True Taste of Jamaica.” It’s a source of comfort, where the recipes are clear-cut, and the results are always soulfully delicious. You’ll even pick up a few secrets on presenting your meals with the finesse of a 5-star restaurant.


The bottom line is there are no gimmicks here.
All you need is the e-cookbook, a handful of quality ingredients, fresh veggies, a sprinkling of time, and, most importantly, a lot of love.

Meet The Curator of Sexy Cuisine


I’m Chef O’Shane, travel and private chef and founder of Taste of JAYardStyle. 


I don’t just cook meals; I create flavor-packed recipes and curate fine-dining experiences featuring vivid colors, bursts of spices, soul-stirring meals and captivating visual presentations.


For me, cooking isn’t just a hobby; it’s my personal expression of love. Cooking helped me build a deep connection with my grandparents in the Jamaican countryside.


When I relocated to America a few years ago, I couldn’t find the authentic taste of Jamaican food, and it felt like a vital part of my heritage, my connection to my roots, was missing.


Driven by the desire to fill this culinary void, I stepped up to carry the rich vibe of my culture into kitchens around the world. This e-cookbook isn’t just a bunch of random recipes – it’s my love letter to Jamaican cuisine, shared with you.


Order your copy

Order your copy today and join me in an immersive experience of bold and seductive seasonings and tantalizing tastes that deliver the true spirit of Jamaica to your table. 

A True Taste of Jamaica v3.png
Oh My Gawd! I've never had seasoning like this in all of Atlanta. Definitely top 2 fried chicken in the city.
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